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[독일] 삼성물산 FFT법인 (SAMSUNG C&T Deutschland GmbH), IT General Support Staff 채용공고 (~2023.03.30/ 정규직 1명)

2023-03-10 22:48
독일 삼성물산 FFT법인 (SAMSUNG C&T Deutschland GmbH)에서 함께할 IT General Support Staff 를 모집하고 있습니다. 관심있는 분들의 많은 지원 바랍니다.
직종 정보 시스템 운영자
모집기한 2023.03.08~ 2023.03.30
모집인원 1명
국가 독일
  • 학력 대학(교) 졸업
  • 경력 무관
  • 자격면허
  • 외국어능력 [필수] 영어(최상) : 업무 관련 거의 모든 상황에서 원할한 의사소통 가능  / [선택] 독일어(상) : 업무 관련 제한적인 의사소통 가능
주요업무내용 [Daily] Work Scope includes SDG(Frankfurt) and Offices(EU,CIS & EMEA)

· Collecting Data, Summarizing Report and Managing Status of Network, Server and Firewall so on
· Managing and Controlling of PC Security Program including real-time support (Communication with SDS UK where actual operating is executed)
· Operating, Managing and Controlling of SVPN including real-time support
· Supporting Internal System issue such as Business Trip, GHR, Enterprise Portal and ERMS so on
· Supporting and Problem-solving of general requests of Knox Portal, Knox Messenger and Knox Mobile including registration, changes and termination request
· General Supporting of IT issue such as Outlook, PC Setting and Internet so on and IT device installation such as monitor, printer and scanner
· Managing and Supporting of Video Conference System including firewall and network checking
· Guiding and operating of IT Service Request portal including Capacity Change of Knox Portal and Outlook so on

[Monthly/ Quarterly] Work Scope includes SDG(Frankfurt) and Offices(EU,CIS & EMEA)

· IT Asset Managing, Controlling and Inspection(Twice a year,1Q and 4Q)
· Supporting and Managing of company owned server such as supporting patch-updates
· Net Cops Server in Samsung Haus and PC Security Server in London Data Center so on
· Supporting and Managing of Network Drive
· User Authorization, Checking Back-up status and Limited Capacity Status so on
· Clearing and Collecting of Domain ID, Knox Portal ID and SVPN on Monthly Basis
· ID Management based on end of each month according to new or retired employee status
· Collecting and Managing of IT Invoices and Cost Chart
· Cost Analysis of issued invoice comparing amount and user list, and recording on cost chart
그 외 자격요건 · At least 3 years experiences in IT area of multinational companies
· Languages: English very good to fluent; German is advantage
· General Knowledge and understanding of IT Device, Window, Network, Firewall, Domain and Server
· Good understanding of IT Security policy
· Document handling with cost analyzing(Summary, Reporting and Payment)
· Analytical skills and Understanding the concept of System and its Integration with SAP is advantage
· Willing to learn, Self-driven problem solving, Handling multiple tasks simultaneously,
Management Skills
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